Photos can be bad for Business!

Woman with cocktail in the beach bar during tropical vacation

Do you think photos are important? would you use a photo like this on Linked In?

What does your head shot say about you? Using a photo taken at a wedding or on holiday with a glass of wine in your hand, or one taken 20 years ago, maybe sending out the wrong message and costing you thousands in lost opportunties.

How you present yourself matters, with social media you are your own brand.

For example lets say you are an accountant.

  • Accountants love Blue, 66% of accountants will choose blue and 55% of the top accounting practices use Blue in logos
  • Accountants need to seen as experts
  • They are reliable, organised, trustworthy and accurate

So would you choose this accountant? is being funny a skill you want in an accountant?

Or this accountant? Much more professional possibly a little too serious?

Your image really matters in battle to win clients!

Here are some tips for headshots from Louise Jolley..

Having your photograph taken against a white or grey background, gives a nice clean image but how about in your work environment, telling the story about what you do? Make sure that the photograph is a high resolution (300 dpi), which will be suitable for print as well as web and if it shows your whole body, make sure that is looks great as a head and shoulders crop too.

If your business is selling products on the web, taking them yourself is not advisable. You might think you are saving money but a properly lit shot is worth it’s weight in gold. If you were opening a physical shop, then you would want the best fixtures and fittings, to show off your products, using stock photos and camera phones snaps looks cheap and doesn’t encourage prospective customers to part with their hard earned cash.

Using stock photos on your website, doesn’t tell the story of your business and makes it too generic. Having bespoke images of your business and photographs of you and your team at work, makes it more personable and people buy from people that they can relate to.

Louise takes some fantastic photos take a look at this one (more at

LJ Photo 1

Good photography will make a huge difference to your business.

Don’t let bad photography cost you opportunities!

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