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UK Accountants Debitoor


Our CIC (Community Interest Company), Association of UK Accountants, company number: 09043632, has a simple community interest statement: “The company’s activities will provide benefit to… Chartered Management Accountants in Practice in the UK”.



We aim to do this in several ways:

  • providing networking opportunities
  • providing free/affordable training
  • providing leads to enable SME newly formed accountancy practices to become sustainable (currently there is a significant churn in practices as new ones set up and fail due to lack of cash flow and the aim of this organisation is to support those people before they give up. The idea is to provide business development and create sustainable businesses around the UK.)

Click on the Badge below to Join over 350 CIMA MiPs in the Association of UK Accountants, you can join as either a Free or Premium Member



All CIMA MiPs are invited (as part of our free membership) to become authors and join the team page

The blog is www.business-accountant.com


Become an Approved Debitoor Accountant – e mail steve@uk-accountant.org

Logo_debitoor_standard_SCREEN_approved (2)

Help businesses get funding with Crowdcube

Crowdcube 2


Train to become a Consultant – e mail steve@uk-accountant.org

Financial Force

Join the Assoc of UK Accountants CIC Linked In Group https://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=8189390

Or join the CIMA MiP Linked In Group http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1848608 or the MiP Girls https://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2069581

Follow us on Twitter and we will follow you back https://twitter.com/cimamip

Buy services from other CIMA MiPs


SJB Advert


We offer a great website package http://www.pay-go.uk/faq/

There is a set up fee of £150 plus VAT and then monthly fees of £50 plus VAT

Here are some examples











We have quarterly newsletters which can be re-badged for your practice, they cost £20 plus VAT.


Young woman with checklist over shoulder shot

Stuart Ferguson ACMA – Practical Advice for Setting up an Accountancy Practice http://www.stuartfergusonaccountants.co.uk/shop/

Tax Money

Fiona Jones is a CIMA MiP and Chartered Tax Adviser and she has created a team of CIMA MiP tax experts to help with support MiPs, she provides telephone and e mail support. http://www.tax-help.biz/contact/

Ian Ross

MiPnet is an informal electronic network where MiPs can share problems, solutions, find continuity partners and share the occasional piece of work. More details from Ian Ross ian@interim-fcm.co.uk

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