Brexit – ‘independence day’ or ‘the apocalypse’


Before the vote we had lots of warnings:

  • Recession
  • Job Losses
  • Emergency Budget
  • Exchange rates crisis
  • Stock Market crash
  • Trade Deal problems (back of the queue!)
  • House Price Boom expected to end and house prices will fall 18%
  • £30bn of tax increases
  • Increased fuel prices
  • The cost of using mobiles in Europe could increase
  • EU Travel will cost more

I have to say it felt like everyday there would be a new and bigger more extreme warning of impending doom.

I think the Remain Camp over did the disaster stories and that lost them credibility.

The Leave Campaigners put forward a much better argument as demonstrated in this movie

So what happens next

So far ….

David Cameron has resigned and his successor is widely tipped to be Boris Johnson.

The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has had a number of key members of the shadow cabinet resign and there could be a leadership challenge

The Scottish parliament want to veto the Britain’s Exit which could lead to Scotland having another vote on independence

Its expected that it will take up to 2 years to exit the EU and the UK vote could lead other countries to consider referendums

Its going to be a bumpy ride so prepare yourself now!