Did you hear about the case of the lap dancer and the night club? employment status

Miss Quashie, who has a daughter, began work as a stripper at Stringfellows in June 2007. She earned thousands of pounds to provide for her child.

But she was dismissed from the Central London nightspot in December 2008 following allegations of drug use, which were changed to an allegation of dealing after she took a test. She denied both allegations.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1319609/Face-lapdancer-used-womens-rights-campaigner-suing-sacking.html#ixzz20aX6oMIj

At Tribunal the the judge ruled she was an employee, but now the contract could be rendered illegal because of Miss Q’s dealings with HMRC.

Stringfellows argue that even if Miss Q was employed she acted illegally by representing to HMRC that she was self employed.

A key point in the case now is that ‘ any illegal act by a worker in the context of the job they do for you might invalidate the contract’ this could include misleading HMRC. [Indicator Tips&Advice Tax 28-06-12]


Employment status is complicated area that seems to continue to become more complicated.