If you work from home and claim mileage, you could be in for a shock

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Its probably fair to say that most contractors who have an office at their home claim business mileage when they visit clients, but things could be about to change for the worse….

In what could become a landmark decision in the interpretation of “wholly and exclusively” allowable expenditure, a doctor has lost a protracted battle with HMRC over his business mileage claims.

After an enquiry lasting more than seven years and three tribunal hearings, the First-tier Tribunal led by Judge Kevin Poole acknowledged Dr Samad Samadian had a dedicated office in his home which was necessary for his professional activity.

However, the panel did not accept that the home office could be treated as the starting point for calculating private practice business mileage involving habitual journeys.

Potentially, the decision has wide implications for all professional self-employed activity, where the business owner undertakes substantive work at home, but also has another business base at which they deliver their expertise regularly.


It is understood that Dr Samadian will be appealing.

But this could lead to Consultants paying back thousands of pounds in tax.

Phil Stunell spotted this article with the full details http://www.independent-practitioner-today.co.uk/news_story.php?r=1605&a=public