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Incorporaton Calculator & 2016/17 Dividend Tax Calculator Allows calculation of tax on profit and dividends

The Incorporation Spreadsheet created by Practice Track is an Excel spreadsheet which shows the tax savings that are available to sole traders and partnerships if they chose to incorporate. It can also be used for incorporated clients to compute the taxes payable under the new dividend regime.

It is therefore a useful tool to use for planning purposes for clients who are already incorporated and can reinforce the point to many clients that they are still saving tax by being incorporated.

It also caters for salary and dividend profit distribution between multiple director-shareholders (up to six).

The detailed output sheets are not password protected so you can insert extra calculations or override the formulae if you wish.

Residential Landlord Assoc – Interest Rate Restriction Calculator

This calculator will help you to work out if you will be paying extra tax and how much more you could be paying in 2020 when the new rules are fully phased in.

Dividend Tax 2016/17 Calculator

Dividend Tax and Income Tax Calculator created by

From April 2016, the way dividends are taxed is changing. This calculator will show you how much more tax you will pay when the new rules come into effect.

Next tax year, dividends tax will no longer include a tax credit. Instead, after including a £5,000 ‘dividend tax allowance’, all dividends will be taxed at 7.5%, 32.5% and 38.1% (basic, higher and additional bands). Almost all company owners will pay more tax as a result. You can read the full details here.


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