10 ways save tax on your Self Assessment Tax Return


It’s Self Assessment season, most people who are required to do self assessment will submit their returns in December and January.

You must always send a tax return if you’re:

  • a self-employed sole trader
  • a partner in a business partnership
  • a company director (unless it’s for a non-profit organisation, eg a charity, and you don’t get any pay or benefits, like travel expenses or a company car)
  1. Don’t miss the deadline of 31st January or you will get penalties and interest
  2. If you are new to Self Assessment makesure you get your HMRC log in details early and know your NI and UTR numbers otherwise you won’t be able to file online which could lead to penalties
  3. Claim all your expenses for example a self employed worker will claim for travel , protective clothing (PPE), home office expenses
  4. Don’t forget Pension Contributions if the tax hasn’t been claimed by your pension provider or you are a higher rate tax payer
  5. Don’t forget Donations to Charity if you are a higher rate tax payer
  6. Have you included out of pocket expenses for example parking
  7. If you are employee could you claim a tax allowance for clothing?
  8. Does your company pay mileage below the HMRC rates, you could claim a tax allowance on the difference
  9. Check you have all your motoring expenses included
  10. Makesure you have claimed all your costs on Buy to Let


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