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Mandy Frost
London Tavern, Ringwood

Steve has been providing us with business consultancy advice which has helped our business to grow, he is focused, professional and quick to respond. We have no hesitation in recommending him

July 7, 2015, Mandy was Steve’s client

David Price
Owner, D. W. Price

I have worked with Steve on many occasions over the last 15 years. He is professional, Knowledgeable and good to work with. I would recommend him without hesitation.

August 8, 2013, David was Steve’s client


“Steve became aware and quickly recognised an opportunity to apply for Β£1m of government vocational training funding (available via UKCES Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) and he rapidly developed the plan and the strategy to submit a qualifying bid.

Steve then engaged and ultimately secured support from an impressive consortium including Navitus Bay Wind Park, Dorset LEP, Weymouth College, Bromfield Consultancy, RNLI, Portland Port, UKSA, Prospects, Renewable Training Network, Career Transition Partnership (UK Forces) thus enabling the SCA Group to lead the funding bid which if successful would re skill over a 1000 workers for the renewable energy and support sector.

All the aforementioned was completed in an extremely short timeframe confirming his ability to manage both internal and external resources effectively and efficiently to achieving a time bound common goal.”

– Ian Miles, Director at the Bromfield Consultancy, April 9, 2013, Ian was with another company when working with Steve at SCA Group

“Steve is professional and a very well qualified Accountant. He as was my boss for few years and so far he has been the best boss I have every had. He is very friendly, helpful and and always has time to help you out. I have learned a lot from him. He is also accurate and great business advisor. Working with Steve is really enjoyable.”

β€” Anna Amerska, Accounting 4 Business, Anna was with another company when working with Steve at Accounting 4 Business Limited (now Bicknell Business Advisers)

“Steve is a highly motivated and committed individual. He has strived and continues to do so to promote both his company and allied with others aims to promote wider training applications, with a view to benefit a range of providers and employers. His vision has the potential to reskill and train potential employees to fill foreseeable openings in a highly skilled workplace. We look forward to continue to work with him in support of this project and the long term benefits for this area.”

β€” Tony Webster, Genesis Co-ordinator, Weymouth College, was with another company when working with Steve at SCA Group

“It would be a lie to say that I have met Steve or that he is a client of mine. In fact I have never met Steve. However I read avidly Steve’s continuous contribution to LinkedIn. It is a running commentary on various financial issues in UK often advocating a tax efficient approach and in doing so he is displaying the true spirit of networking and for this I would like to say thank you Louis d’Espagnac”

β€” Louis d’Espagnac, Chief Executive, The Mortgage Explorer Ltd, was with another company when working with Steve at SCA Group

“I would recommend Steve Bicknell. He is reliable, knowledgeable and highly professional. He is also very friendly and approachable. He has helped me to gain new contacts and business through the Bartercard network and I consider him to be a key contact of my business. Regards, Jenny”

β€” Jenny Henderson, Owner, Henderson Tax Consulting, was with another company when working with Steve at SCA Group

“Steve has been very supportive sharing his detailed knowledge & practical advice to myself & other CIMA Members In Practice. His detailed knowledge of contractual agreements have been an invaluable resource to my practice. I can thoroughly recommend Steve to other practising accountants or anyone looking for sound business advice. Brian Traynor, Traynor Accounting Ltd.”

β€” Brian Traynor, was Steve’s client

“Steve is a first class, highly experienced accountancy professional who has extensive technical accounting skills and a strong commercial awareness. Steve has been an intrinsic in the success and growth of previous organisations that he has worked with and is an extremely loyal and committed individual who will be a great asset to the next business that secures his expertise.”

β€” Isabel Hall, Accountancy Recruitment Consultant, CMA Financial Recruitment Ltd, was a consultant or contractor to Steve at Bicknell Business Advisers Limited

“I have used Steve services frequently over the last three years and have always been impressed. Steve is very genuine and I find him easy to deal with, I would recommend him to anyone needing help or advice with there business.”

β€” Steph Sippitt, was Steve’s client

“Steve has supported CIMA in the role of member the Panel of Practising Certificate Assessors since September 2010. He has shown a great deal of knowledge in both managing an accountancy practice and the regulatory requirements of being a CIMA member in practice. Steve has taken to the online assessment process with ease and always completes assessments thoroughly and in a timely manner. He is always calm and good natured and a pleasure to work with.”

β€” Razia Begum, Monitoring Assistant, CIMA, was with another company when working with Steve at Bicknell Business Advisers Limited

“Steve gave me honest, expert and impartial advice and was critical in winning a public service contract.”

β€” Cheryl Hadland, Managing Director, Hadland Care Group, was with another company when working with Steve at Bicknell Business Advisers Limited

“Steve’s Dynamics-NAV Financials practical hands-on knowledge and being able to interpret client requirements into this application has been invaluable in our working experience.”

β€” Bob Hales, was Steve’s client

“Steve is a professional who is looking at the best interests of not only his clients who wholeheartedly trust him but all he comes into contact with, He is committed to helping the Bartercard client base in the South and South West grow by selecting forward thinking business owners and suitable businesses that will succeed within the Bartercard network. Steve has a fantastic knowledge of tax and accounting and who better to listen

to for sound business advice.”

β€” Jay Ashley Sparks, Business Development Manager, Bartercard, worked directly with Steve at Bartercard UK Ltd

“Steve offers fantastic advice on how to save cash in your business and how you can best utilize an asset overlooked by a lot of businesses, spare capacity.”

β€” Scott Clancy, Executive Trade Coordinator, Bartercard, worked with Steve at Bicknell Business Advisers Limited

“Steve has excellent knowledge of specific areas of taxation that are of great assistance to our clients in what would otherwise be very uncertain times.”

β€” Paul Dredge, was Steve’s client

“A very professional representative of Bartercard. Recommended service for all businesses. I found Steve very professional yet friendly and very easy to speak with. Hope to do business with Steve very soon.”

β€” David McDermott, was Steve’s client

“I have worked with Steve on a couple of commercial ventures in recent months and have come to know him as a very genuine and personable man. Not only is he highly savvy with his accountancy background and his extensive track record in his field, but he is also a pleasure to work alongside with. Ethical, hard-working and β€˜for the team!’ is how I would describe Steve and when you combine that with his sincere disposition, then I

would not hesitate for one moment in recommending him to others.”

β€” Tony Armstrong, MD, BMD Global, was with another company when working with Steve at Bartercard UK

“Mr Steve Bicknell has been a great support to and Delhi infotech with his expertise in finance. He has also helped me with his current assignment with bartercard. I will strongly recommend Mr Bicknell to any business that is serious about its finances and to learn on strategies to maximise profits without increasing your product cost. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Steve Bicknell for all his support that enabled us to establish a succesfull business. Kind Regards Vinod Chakrapani, MD Uthara”

β€” Sharon Armstrong, was Steve’s client

“Steve presented his case well for the product and provided me with all the information required to make an informed decision. When we came across a stumbling block he was on the ball and able to provide an alternative for me. A really good guy to deal with.”

β€” John Jackson, was Steve’s client

“Steve knows his product and has opened new opportunities for us that we could not have achieved without his help. The Bartercard system is a bit of a ‘no brainer’ and is a great way for us to save and trade.”

β€” Christina Baker, was Steve’s client

“Steve is the kind of person who once convinced about something is totally focused on it’s delivery. He is an accountant and entrepreneur in one which is a great combination. He is also very personable, honest and reliable. When Steve suggests we look at something we look!”

β€” Jeff Lester, was Steve’s client

“Steve is consistent in his professional approach and dealing with clients, to ensure a high standard of customer service.”

β€” Alan Cracknell, was Steve’s client

“Steve introduced me to the Bartercard concept, which has enabled me to develop my client base and develop my business profile to a wider audience. He is a friendly personable character and an excellent advocate for Bartercard.”

β€” Mandy Fitzmaurice, was Steve’s client

“Steve has been extremely helpful and patient in helping me to understand his product and advise me on how to proceed. We is very knowledgeable about his product and understands the difficulties of starting up a small business.”

β€” Ann Symes, was Steve’s client

“I would recommend Steve Bicknell. Steve has helped Numbertel in a consultative capacity to promote our business telephone numbers via Bartercard. I have found him to be reliable, knowledgeable and highly professional. Our ongoing business relationship continues to be very successful. Regards, Linsley Anthony MD Numbertel Ltd.”

β€” Numbertel Ltd, was Steve’s client

“I’m a big fan of the whole Bartercard concept and I’m really pleased I have Steve as my business development manager. Like all those who are great at business development, Steve doesn’t sell to you but allows you to buy from him. He’s highly efficient and so easy to deal with. I thoroughly recommend him.”

β€” Tim Bishop, was Steve’s client

“Accounting for Business was my Accounting and payroll provider for a period of 18 months, I was very happy with the personal service I received during this time, Steve goes out of his way to work with you and tailor his service to your needs. Richard Evans”

β€” Richard Evans, was Steve’s client

“My time working with Steve at Accounting 4 Business Ltd was an absolute pleasure. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work within such a well organised and well managed business, the clients needs were the top priority of the business. Steve was always so supportive with my studies and always encouraged me to continue a career within this sector. The experience will stay with me as I carry on in my career.”

β€” Sarah Elliott, Trainee Accountant, Accounting 4 Business Limited, reported to Steve at Accounting 4 Business Limited

“Steve, is a great connection, an open networker who always accepts invites and would never spam or IDK you. If you need an email address it’s”

β€” Ray Simmons, Rainmaker, Get Connected, was with another company when working with Steve at Accounting 4 Business Limited

“The sign of a great account is one that can help you save money money than thery have cost you in the first place and this is something Steve has doen for us on more than one occassion. He is an excellent networker and a very personable guy. I would recommend Steve highly”

β€” Maddy Law, was Steve’s client

“If you need technically sound finance or systems support given in a calm positive manner then I would suggest you do not hesitate to contact Steve Bicknell”

β€” Stephen Bryant, was Steve’s client

“I have worked with Steve on a number of Projects and he has always provided Prompt, Expert Advice. I would recommend Steve to anyone requiring his advice and skills.”

β€” Carl Edwards, was Steve’s client

“Steve provided me with excellent advice and service and has a great knowledge of business and finance issues. I would definitely recommend Steve to others.”

β€” David Osborne, was Steve’s client

“Steve has done my accounts for the last few years, and i am extremely happy with the work he has done for me. Would highly recommend. Kind Regards Alan”

β€” Alan Mather, was Steve’s client

“Steve turned the jumble of figures I gave him in to a well organised tax return and helped me save on tax. Thanks for being so quick and efficient.”

β€” Anthony Marshall, was Steve’s client

“I have worked with Steve for a number of years now and can recommend him without hesitation as a quality professional. I would trust Steve to give professional, honest advice and always to put the client first.”

β€” Jim Gilhooley, Director, Morlan Gil Human Resources Ltd, was a consultant or contractor to Steve at Accounting 4 Business Limited

“Providing excellent service and advice; helping reduce costs and stress in one swift move. Highly recommended and still using to this day.”

β€” Samuel Drayton, was Steve’s client

“I have no heistation in recommending Steve to my clients.”

β€” John Cooper, was Steve’s client

“Steve worked on my accounts for 2 years and in that time saved me a lot of money (legitametely!) he has now moved into other fields but his detailed knowledge of business and how to run a business is invaluable”

β€” Andy Thompson, was Steve’s client

“Steve has proven on many occasions to be very knowledgeable and his assistance has been invaluable to us. I can highly recommending him.”

β€” Alan Coote, was Steve’s client

“Steve provides an excellent, cost effective and timely service. No hesitation in recommending”

β€” Liz Coveney, was Steve’s client

“Steve is always approachable, keen and informative. An accountant that delivers the goods on time and in budget.”

β€” Martin Spooner, was Steve’s client

“Steve has managed my accounts accurately and on time for two years. He is available for advice when needed and is both personable and professional. Thank you Steve.”

β€” Gillian Pennington, was Steve’s client

“Steve has been very helpful and given me great direction for my business.”

β€” Barry Pollitt, was Steve’s client

“Steve is an excellent accountant who knows how to provide an excellent service and is great value for money. I had a limited understanding of the UK tax laws with regards to business formation, and Steve helped me set everything up extremely quickly. I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for a professional in the accounting industry. Regards Aaron”

β€” Aaron Clancy, was Steve’s client

“I would highly recommend Steve in all aspects of accountancy and business development. The ideal person to have on your team. 100%”

β€” Jon Clayton, was Steve’s client

“β€œSteve and Accounting 4 Business have been the most reliable, honest, easy going and very patient accountants that I have been looking for. Great working with them – absolutely recommended.””

β€” jackie wallace, was Steve’s client

“Well what I liked was Steve’s confidence and laid back attitude. My previous accountant was rather up tight and stressy. Steve has amuch more ‘Can Do’ attitude and keeps everything in proportion. I have recommended him personally to others and my daughter is just considering taking him on.”

β€” Linda Hamilton-Ross, was Steve’s client

“Working with Steve has been a great experience: he’s approachable, practical and talks to you in a language you can understand. He’s had great commercial experience which he brings with his accountancy knowledge which makes for a powerful combination.”

β€” Tim Johnson, was Steve’s client

“Steve is everything I could ask for in a business accountant. He is extremely patient with my ignorant questions and provides a very helpful and knowledgeable service, including sorting out my personal tax return at the eleventh hour, when I had over-optimistically declared that I was quite capable of doing it myself!”

β€” Margaret MacKenzie, was Steve’s client

“Steve has prepared my accounts for 3 years and his expert easy to understand advice has saved me money on several occasions. Work has always been turned round promptly and in addition Steve has provided useful advice on taxation. I would definitely recommend his no-nonsense easy to understand approach and the amount of effort he puts into helping you out.”

β€” Rob Dewing, was Steve’s client

“Steve was a great help to me taking over everything to do with my accounts from book keeping to VAT returns, which meant I could focus on my customer’s needs and growing my business. Highly recommended.”

β€” Mark Adams, was Steve’s client

“Steve has always been a person to find alternative solutions for many problems in the accounting sector. When he worked for our family business he always put the company 1st and always was looking at ways we could keep in front of our competition and help many of our clients realise business ventures by sourcing new ways to finance projects.”

β€” Magnus Harding, Owner, MEH Construction Management Ltd, managed Steve indirectly at Accounting 4 Business Limited

“I have greatly enjoyed working with Steve on a number of different occasions. He is very friendly and approachable and always has time to catch up, discuss an idea or to offer practical and pragmatic assistance. I look forward to working with him further in the future.”

β€” Jenny Henderson, Owner, Henderson Tax Consulting, was with another company when working with Steve at Accounting 4 Business Limited

“Steve and Accounting 4 Business have been the reliable, honest and helpful accountants that I have been looking for. Great advice, great value – absolutely recommended.”

β€” Christopher Hatch, was Steve’s client

“It is a shame that I was only able to choose three attributes that best describe Steve as I have found him Expert in his subject has high integrity and always delivers on time. I have, and will continue to, recommend Steve as an excellent accountant.”

β€” John Woodcock (MBA, PRINCE2), was Steve’s client

“Steve re-organised our book keeping on TAZ accounts and helped us to grow our business substantially.”

β€” Brian Callow, was Steve’s client

“Steve is ahead of the game when it comes to smart financial tactics, both in the SME and corporate environment. His financial knowledge, commercial experience and where and how to use it with maximum effectiveness, makes him a powerful asset, if you can manage to get him.”

β€” Stephen Bardner, Business Development Manager, Blue Chip Business Solutions, was with another company when working with Steve at Accounting 4 Business Limited

“Steve Bicknell has been my accountant for the past 4 years and I have found Steve to be consistent and reliable. Every phone call is returned, every query is answered. Nothing is to much trouble and I can recommend him without reservation.”

β€” Larry Gibbons, was Steve’s client

“Steve is approachable, pro-active and good at what he does. He has many happy clients”

β€” Bev McPheat, Business Specialist, HSBC Bank plc, was with another company when working with Steve at Accounting 4 Business Limited

“Steve is a friendly yet professional person, a real gentleman. Steve helped me a lot with my accounts with advice and practical help and managed to save me money immediately! Steve is currently working with Bartercard and has advised me on other areas of my new business. I would recommend Steve because of the excellent service I received, his knowledge of business and his friendly manner.”

β€” Elaine Davey, was Steve’s client

“I have no hestitation in recommending Steve.”

β€” Andy Pringle, was Steve’s client

“Steve gives a very dedicated service and you can ring him any time of the day and always returns your calls, he introduces each member of staff that works on your accounts and you have direct contact to each. Any problems are sorted out swiftly and to your satisfaction. Accounting 4 Business does the accounts for snap marketing Limited and Imperial Enterprises Limited. He has a huge depth of knowledge and will answer all sorts of questions that are worrying to your business and deals with each question or worry with the same

importance as the next.”

β€” Debbi Young, was Steve’s client

“great team to work with, approachable and knowledgeable accountants.”

β€” emma james, was Steve’s client

“I have no hesitation in recommending Steve who I worked very closely with when I was Talent Manager at G&H and Steve was Finance Director. Steve is highly professional and very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He was extremely supportive of me in my role while I worked there.”

β€” Antonella Milana FCIPD, Talent Manager, George & Harding Ltd, worked directly with Steve at The G&H Group Limited

“I have worked with Steve for 4 years when he was the FD of G&H. He always had a good hold on all the financial aspects of the company and constantly looking for ways to improve cash flow and protecting the companies’ interests. Since G&H I have stayed in contact with Steve and I use him regularly as an accountant consultant. As a person Steve is honest, reliable and friendly and I would recommend his services.”

β€” Andre Van Heerden, Construction Manager/Director, George & Harding, worked with Steve at The G&H Group Limited

“Having worked with Steve in the same Group when he was Finance Director, I found him to be an extremely competent leader, who always was able to assist in finding a way through sometimes difficult and challenging circumstances. He is straight forward in his approach when it requires tough decisions to be made and when he left to start his own business it without doubt had an impact on the Group. In addition he is really an asset

to have in the senior management team.”

β€” Grant Harrison, Operations Director, G & H Group, worked directly with Steve at The G&H Group Limited

“I am pleased to recommend Steve. Steve combines technical competence with a conscientious and pragmatic approach to his work and is a pleasure to work with.”

β€” Julie Mutton, Director, Smith & Williamson, was with another company when working with Steve at The G&H Group Limited

“Steve has always been a very decent guy to work with. I always find him personable, efficient and willing to embrace solid business proposals. He is a generous person with his time and pretty unflappable.”

β€” Jeff Lester, was Steve’s client

“Steve is very organised exceptionally knowledgeable professional with an excellent understanding of the financial management of a construction Company and the need and requirements of the employees.”

β€” Ian Chorlton MCIOB, Construction Manager, The G&H Group (Formally George and

Harding), worked indirectly for Steve at The G&H Group Limited

“Steve was a thorough and pro-active Financial Director who brought some innovative ideas to the business. I have also worked with Steve at the G&H Group and used his services whilst he was running Accounting 4 Business and have always been impressed by his professionalism”

β€” David Wilkins MCIOB, Commercial Manager, Bourne Construction Engineering Ltd, worked directly with Steve at George & Harding

“Steve is a talented manager able to combine the technical requirements of the tasks in hand with the people skills needed to achieve them. He always had time to teach me new things and for that I am grateful. He is very good at getting the best of out his software, designing systems to promote efficiency and best practise. I enjoyed my time working for Steve, we worked well together.”

β€” Fiona Hysom, Assistant Accountant, ITW Ltd, reported to Steve at ITW Finishing Systems

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