How do you keep up with company secretarial work?

In business everything is run by dates.

There are so many filing and payment dates its hard to keep track of them and if you are an accountant the problem is multiplied by the number of clients.

We use inform direct for all the companies we work with, its a brilliant system that monitors everything for you and helps you produce the paperwork needed.

On their website they have published the 2018 Review of UK Company Formations

634,116 new businesses were formed in the UK in 2017.

52,411 businesses registered in Dorset at the end of 2017.

Are your Companies House documents up to date?

Inform Direct

I was introduced to Inform Direct by Alex Hawkes, she had set it up for her business A Hawkes Consulting

We now use it with all of our Limited Company clients, once you learn how to use it, its fantastic it makes submitting returns and forming companies really easy and produces excellent company registers.

Many businesses under estimate the importance of company secretarial work.

I recently read an article in Tips & Advice – You and Your Business in June 2016, which reported on the case of Mr & Mrs Parmar – Whitford (UK) Ltd. they failed to prepare any Dividend paperwork having incorporated their partnership. HMRC took the view the payments taken from the company were subject to PAYE due to the lack of Dividend paperwork, First Tier Tribunal agreed.

This could have been easily avoided had dividend vouchers and board minutes been prepared. Inform Direct has templates for the documents needed.

There are lots of new requirements now coming into force such as the PSC register and the change from Annual Returns to Confirmation Statements so now more than ever you need to make sure you comply with the requirements.