Why stocktaking in Bars is essential

Pubs, Bars, Restaurants & Night Club operators… It’s a cash business!! And where there’s cash there’s a fiddle, you may think you know them all, you might! But what you don’t have is eyes in the back of your head and the time to watch hours of CCTV footage to catch them at it, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Over pouring, cross ringing, recipe knowledge, wastage, breakages, deliveries, poor GP’s are all areas you need to be on top of if you are to make any profit from your hard earned takings, and given today’s economic climate, knowing how your business is performing and at the very least verifying your in house weekly results via an independent auditor makes sense and could be worth tenfold the monthly cost in potential lost profit.

By choosing an independent stocktaking company who specialise in the licensed trade, you can be certain of finding the answers you need to improve and grow your business effectively.

Stocktaking is essential to all businesses, as it enables you to check that your business is performing to its optimum potential. Stocktaking also highlights any problems with stock losses, for instance theft, and determines whether the pricing and ordering of stock is accurate, allowing you to react and make adjustments to improve your margins or re visit your suppliers costs.

On average 28 Pubs close every week and Net closers are 14 Pubs per week http://fullfact.org/factchecks/pub_closures_alcohol_business-3237

In the current climate stocktaking has to be essential.