Britain could go to the front of the queue for a Trade Deal with the US

Businessmen handshake - United States and United Kingdom

It looks increasing likely that the EU negotiations with US known as TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) have failed after 14 rounds of negotiations.

Most of the press picked this up at the weekend and this is key comment from the Independent

The free trade negotiations between the European Union and the United States have failed, but “nobody is really admitting it”, Germany’s Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has said. 

It would now make sense for the US to negotiate Free Trade with the UK, if the UK also had Free Trade with the Commonwealth we could create a trading block far larger than the EU.

The Express reported

Mr Hannan, Conservative MEP, said: “I’ll offer a pound to a euro that there will be a US-UK free trade agreement in place long before there is a US-EU agreement – if, indeed, that happens at all.

“What’s more, it’ll be a properly liberal agreement, based on free competition and maximum advantage to the consumer rather than on corporatism and the protection of vested interests.

“Leaving the EU won’t just allow Britain to pursue a more deregulated, more mercantile, more global future; it might revitalise free trade world wide.”