Things an accountant should do every day

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Things are changing fast, we now live in a cloud based technology driven world.

Accountants are changing too, clients now:

  • Use cloud based systems to enter transactions
  • Raise invoices online and get paid online
  • Connect their bank accounts to their software
  • Attach copies of receipts to transactions

Accountants should be working on a daily basis with their clients in areas such as…

Business Strategy

Your accountant should be a trusted advisor to your business. Accountants are often aware of business trends, legislation and new technologies so they can work with you to find the best ways to achieve your goals.

Tax Planning

Just processing the numbers isn’t enough, your accountant should be exploring the tax consequences of your proposed decisions, for example

  • the tax payable on an overdrawn Directors Loan Account
  • the benefits of low CO2 emission cars
  • the tax differences between buying and leasing equipment
  • owning investment property personally or in a company
  • Business Acquisition and Disposal tax issues

Regular Calls, E Mails and Meetings

Accountants haven’t been good at this in the past but they need to become accessible to clients. Its no good just having contact once a year to sign off the accounts. For accountants to become business partners clients need to be free to ask them anything whenever they need help or advice. Providing a personal tailored service is a priority and clients now expect it.

Accountants need to respond quickly to clients requests, waiting days for a reply won’t do!

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