Are you stressed about Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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Christmas is coming, its time to buy presents and that means Black Friday (Friday 25th November 2016) and Cyber Monday (Monday 28th November 2016).

It’s a frenzy of present buying!

Last year UK shoppers spent £3.3 billion between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon reported selling 7.4 million items on Black Friday 2015 and £968 million was spent on Cyber Monday.


In 2005, coined the term “Cyber Monday” after analyzing increased Internet traffic and sales on the first day that most people return to work after the holiday weekend.

Since its inception, online consumers have started to spread the word about Cyber Monday. Between 2006 and 2011, online sales doubled to over 1.2 billion dollars on Cyber Monday. The success of Cyber Monday has made itself known all around the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and all over Europe.

Are you ready to spend spend spend! buy buy buy!

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