How to Monetize a Blog

Online Shopping

Basically research shows that you have the following options:


       Paid Content and Affiliate Marketing


       Paid Subscriptions


       Journalistic work for other media

Advertising is the most popular and is based on:

Popularity of the Blog (number of visitors)

Stickiness (time spent by visitors)

Loyalty (number of repeat visitors)

The visitors are measured in CPM (cost per thousand visitors)

Adverts are 125 x 125 Pixels

A blog with 100,000 monthly hits might charge 50p CPM which works out to £50 per month (£600 per year)


eMarketer estimates that retail sales via smartphones and tablets have more than doubled to £8.2 bn in 2013, accounting for 18% of total UK ecommerce sales. Tablet commerce has seen particularly high growth, reaching £4.8 bn. In 2014 mcommerce is expected to increase by 53.3% in 2014, more than triple the 15% growth rate for retail ecommerce.


UK mobile ad spend is expected to pass the £1bn mark in 2013, according to eMarketer, reaching £1.2bn (19% of total digital) – a 126.1% YoY growth. Mobile ad spend is expected to nearly double again in 2014 to almost £2.26 billion (32% of total digital).



Would you sell advertising on your blog?