Will Trading Standards be able to end Government “Copycat” websites Reply


HMRC had a number of copycats trying to offer self assessment returns, here is an extract from the Tax Agents Blog in January…

With the 31 January deadline for filing SA returns fast approaching, the media has been asking us for our view on ‘copycat websites’, where companies offer to file returns for customers in return for large fees – sometimes up to £400. These companies pay to advertise their link at the top of search engines, so customers find them first when searching for ‘HMRC’, ‘tax return’ and so on.

I thought I’d let you know that our view on this hasn’t changed. It costs nothing to file a tax return. It’s important that anyone thinking of using a tax return agent is clear in advance about fees payable – and can satisfy themselves that they will receive the service they are signing up for.

Misleading websites that try and palm themselves off as legitimate government services are to come under the spotlight from Trading Standards  (4 March 2014) as Consumer Minister Jenny Willott confirmed extra funding for them to help tackle these rogue traders.

The Minister has committed an additional £120,000 this financial year to National Trading Standards Board (NTSB) so they can investigate these websites. This money will help NTSB also tackle websites that exaggerate the nature of the services they provide or deliberately underplay that people can get them for free or at a lower cost from official sources.

Further details from TSI http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/extra/news-item.cfm/newsid/1429

Will this end copycats?


Not all accounting is the same Reply

Business Accountant

Management accounting combines accounting, finance and management with the leading edge techniques needed to drive successful businesses.

What is management accounting table

In addition to strong accounting fundamentals, CIMA teaches strategic business and management skills:

  • Analysis – understanding the story behind the numbers and using it to make business decisions
  • Strategy – using the insight from analysis to help formulate business strategy to create wealth and shareholder value.
  • Risk – applying analytical skills to look at end-to-end business processes to identify and manage risk.
  • Planning – using accounting techniques to plan and budget.
  • Communication – knowing what information management needs and explaining the numbers to non-financial managers.

You can trust CIMA members

CIMA members and students are required to comply with the CIMA code of ethics and to adopt the fundamental principles to their working lives. CIMA members are at the heart of business as its conscience, adding judgment, independence and objectivity to their professional…

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Have Accountants in Oz gone mad? who is the dancing accountant? 2


Accountants are normally reserved, professional and controlled, but a new type of accountant is taking social media by storm, the dancing accountant.

Dressed in his signature accounting ‘uniform’ that includes a tie, glasses, sweater-vest, and obligatory black briefcase, once a week the Dancing Accountant performs a one-man ‘flash mob’ style public dance, which is uploaded to his YouTube channel.

After attending a music festival a couple of years ago, the character was born after the Dancing Accountant realised that his unique dance moves were being copied by a group of people standing behind him. Unperturbed, he continued before realising that the crowd of imitators soon grew, until almost fifty had joined in.

“It was then I realised that people just enjoy seeing someone let loose, and that’s where the idea of the videos came from.” Viewers suggest the location and make song requests.


Is this totally crazy? obviously the bank didn’t like it because they called the police

Does this help to improve the image of accountants?