Are you waiting for a New ISA?


From 1st July 2014, individual savings accounts (ISAs) will be reformed into New ISAs (NISAs) with an annual limit of Β£15,000.

You can invest your NISA in Cash, Stocks and Shares or in any combination.


The limits for Junior ISAs and Child Trust Funds have already been increased from Β£3,700 to Β£4,000.

From July, restrictions on corporate bonds and gilts will have the 5 year rule removed allowing you to invest in short dated securities such as Retail Bonds.

There are plans to enable Peer-to-Peer loans to be held in NISA’s but that’s still in the consultation stage.

Between now and July the most you can invest in an Cash ISA is Β£5,940.

So are you waiting for a New ISA?

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