Are we heading towards a Financial Crisis in 2016?

business man in a crisis

New YouGov research reveals that most British people expect a global financial crisis this year. 51% say this is very or fairly likely compared to 28% who say it is very or fairly unlikely. You Gov

There are several key reasons behind this thinking:

  1. Stock Market have created inflated values for businesses in that last couple of years and could fall dramatically this year
  2. China is in crisis, last week it suffered a 7% slump in its main share index
  3. The World Bank and OECD have both expressed doubts over economic growth
  4. Interest Rates are expected to rise
  5. Falling Oil Prices – great for consumers but bad for many economies

What should you do to prepare for the worst (hoping it doesn’t happen)?

  • Pay off debt and reduce your interest rate exposure
  • Improve your Cash Cycle and tighten credit controls
  • Re-examine your investment strategy

Let’s hope there isn’t a crisis!

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