www.stevejbicknell.com blog smashes through 300,000 hits!

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http://www.stevejbicknell.com has now had over 300,000 views, nearly 200,000 unique visitors and on Sunday reached a new daily views high of 1,396 views in a single day!

I think that’s pretty impressive for a Tax and Accounting Blog!

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We have over 7,000 followers and our most popular day is Tuesday and the best time is 1pm, which is interesting as last year it was Wednesday at 10am.

Our top 3 blogs of all time are:

  1. https://stevejbicknell.com/2012/04/07/a-quick-guide-to-vat-on-sandwiches-takeaway-food-cakes-and-pasties/
  2. https://stevejbicknell.com/2013/01/31/self-assessment-payment-shipley-or-cumbernauld/
  3. https://stevejbicknell.com/2012/12/15/when-should-you-charge-vat-on-inter-company-recharges/

January 2016 has had the highest monthly number of hits at 12,000

So why do people read my blog?

  1. Useful Content – I learned a long time ago that if you want followers and readers you have to write about things that will interest as wider audience as possible. My blog is about Accounting and Tax, which you might think is boring but it does affect everyone, we all pay tax! and there is plenty to blog about.
  2. Accurate Content – Its important to get the content right but even if you do make a mistake you can bet your life someone will tell you. Fortunately most readers are very helpful and will also contribute suggestions.
  3. Regular Posts – you have to post regularly, I post 2 or 3 times a week, I prepare them in advance and schedule them
  4. Variety – I try cover a wide variety of topics and my audience appreciate it, I even get special requests
  5. Pictures – Blogs without pictures, charts and graphics are boring
  6. Share – Post your blogs every where on Social Media and encourage others to do the same
  7. Pick a good title – The title will be found by search engines so try to think about what someone might search for
  8. Video – You Tube has plenty and most people would love you to link to their video as it will increase their hits as well as yours
  9. Infographics – I love infographics and I try to create my own when I have time
  10. Keep it simple – Lets face it Tax is complicated, so I try not to make the blogs too complicated otherwise I will lose followers



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