How will Flexible Furlough work and what is the SEISS payment?

On the 29th May the Government announced details of how Flexible Furlough will work

June and July will be as before at 80%

August will be 80% but excluding Employers NI and Pension (that should reduce claims by around 5%)

September will be 70% funded and 10% from the employer

October will be 60% funded and 20% from the employer

The scheme end in October

Flexible Furlough (CJRS) starts 1st July allowing the employer to pay employees to work some days and claiming the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for the other days

CJRS will be closed to new entrants from 30th June

Last date you can join is 10th June

The Self Employed Income Support Scheme has been extended ad there will be a further pay out in August of 70% up to £6570

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